Friday, April 25, 2008

Hello World!

AI is interesting, the idea that human intelligence is something that machines could possess. I have no doubt that it's possible, but in order to understand human intelligence- you would have to understand how the brain works, how thought works and then to transfer that intelligence to a machine you would need knowledge of computer programming.

Armed with my own natural intelligence(NI), & basic knowledge of computer programming I will boldly go where a few seriously smart people have been before, devouring information as fast as my neurons will let me, its quite possible that I will get lost & this blog will be full of shit as a result; but *fingers crossed* people. This blog is a place for me to vent my thoughts- because thoughts are more permanent when they're stored in 0's & 1's and if I get hit by a bus tomorrow I would like to leave some kind of legacy to my dog. If you're reading this Max- I am so very proud of you + be sure to avenge my death.

Lastly because I like pretending to care about stuff I don't give a damn about- possible ethical concerns of creating AI machines. ROBOT'S GOT MY BABY!!! heh that line works on so many levels. Anyway there is a slight, slight possibility that giving machines human intelligence (HI), could enable them to destroy/enslave the human the race. I have no idea why people assume machines would turn evil- maybe because it makes such good premise for entertainment ( BATTLESTAR GALACTICA IS THE MOST AWESOMEST SHOW IN THE UNIVERSE ), in my experience the most dangerous machines are those that are being operated by humans (ie. chainsaw), so surely taking away the human element would make them safer? no? whatever.

CYLONS: Making machine intelligence SEXY!

I am personally against ASIMOV's three laws of robotics. Who wants Ned Flanders style Robots- (Cylons take notice, all that preaching about God is Love is beyond annoying), I would not want my robot to put a flower in my glass of water or for it to hum contentedly to itself. When I tell it to clean up the mess I left on the floor I expect it to use some serious firepower- regardless of who might be standing nearby.

Now, I'm off to read the book I just got from the library. Its called Cybernetics and was published in 1969. Yes AI did exist that long ago- I figure that it would be logical to start from the beginning- surely they knew a lot less back then, which means less reading for me! yay for being smart!